The two words all duck hunters love to hear


Is your dog ready? Our Duck Dog training program will help make your dog the hunting companion your friends wish they had, and a dog you’re proud to have in the blind!

Your dog will be exposed to decoys, blinds, calling, several different training ponds with a variety of cover, and most important; ducks, ducks and more ducks. These are the things your dog must be exposed to and trained on before his first hunting trip. At Rug-ged Retrievers, he will. 

We encourage your active participation throughout training, and we provide regular reports on your dog's progress.   

Evaluations, brush ups, problem solving etc., are available year round as well.  These training options are handled on an individual basis.

What sets us apart from other trainers & makes us the number one choice of the serious Duck Dog owner ? ​

  • ​Your dog won't get lost in the shuffle.  We take a limited number of dogs for training

  • You and your dog aren't just a number.  You are individuals and will always be treated as such

  • You get one on one training sessions with your dog

  • You receive regular progress reports and updates​​

  • Your dog will never be passed off to an assistant​​​

  • Your dog gets Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks!!!


Our upland training program produces stylish, hard running dogs that are a pleasure to hunt with.  We begin by building a solid foundation with basic obedience.  As your dog progresses through the program, he will be exposed to birds, gun fire, and a variety of hunting situations including different terrain and cover.  During the time your dog is in our training program, he will have more birds shot over him, than most dogs will see in a lifetime.  The day you pick up your dog, you will have the opportunity to go out for a  hunt, and work with your dog in the field, in a real hunting situation.

Every in-board dog is trained personally by Tim & Jo Anne. We do not pass dogs off to an assistant trainer.  By accepting a limited number of in-board dogs, we guarantee that you and your dog receive the time and attention necessary to make the best hunting team possible. 

We encourage your active participation throughout training, and we provide regular reports on how your dog is progressing.  Fees include all professional training, boarding, food, birds, and shells.

At Rug-ged Retrievers you get results, NOT excuses!
2015 National Pheasant Champions - Kathy & "Theo"

What makes our upland hunting training program the best choice for you and your dog?

  • Home of the 2015 NAGDA National Pheasant Champion!!!

  • We don't have assistant trainers.  We spend our time training your                  dog, not babysitting an assistant who is here today, gone tomorrow

  • We accept a maximum of 10 dogs.  Your dog will always receive                        individual attention

  • Your dog will be exposed to a variety of cover, terrain & hunting                      situations

  • Your dog will have live birds shot over him / her

  • You are encouraged to participate in your dog's training 

  • Your dog will be trained at the same facility and trained by the same                trainer who trained the 2015 National Pheasant Champion