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Rug-ged Retrievers 
Game Birds

We are now raising our own game birds.  What does this mean for you and your dog?

Simply put, you can't train a duck dog or upland hunting retriever without birds. 

We have always used birds in training.  Birds were readily available and relatively easy to get.  However, we have always been at the mercy of the "bird guy".  By raising our own birds, we no longer have to rely on someone else who may or may not have birds available when we need them.    

Why is this important for you and your dog?  Sending your dog to a trainer who doesn't use birds?  Not a good idea!  Unfortunately this happens, and more often than you might think.  

At Rug-ged Retrievers birds are included in our training fee.  We don't put a limit on the number of birds we shoot for your dog.  We use as many birds as your dog needs.    
  • Your dog will have mallard ducks and chukar partridge

  • Birds readily available when your dog needs them

  • Your dog will have as many ducks & chukar as he or she needs 
  • No limit on the number of birds shot for your dog

  • Our training fees are all inclusive
  • Never a "bird bill" regardless of how many birds we shoot for your dog
  • Waterfowl and or upland hunt for your dog on pick up day with basic or advanced program
  • Birds are the ultimate reward for your hunting dog
  • Birds bring out in a hunting dog, what nothing else can