Field Trial & Hunt Test Training

We had taken a break from field competitions for the last several years due to family & community commitments. We knew the break wouldn’t last forever, and it hasn’t.  We are BACK!!!  We are now accepting competitive dogs for in-board training. We have truly missed competing in field events. 

​We each have over 35 years experience training, competing, and breeding dogs. We have trained dozens of dogs at every level of the Retriever Hunt Test and Field Trial programs, including over 30 AKC Master Hunter titled retrievers, Master National Finalists, Master National Hall of Fame Dogs, Qualified All Age Retrievers as well as the 2015 NAGDA National Pheasant Champion!

Training a competitive dog, whether it be for field trials or higher level hunt tests, is a commitment.  It is a commitment from you the owner, your dog and us the trainer.  As trainers we are committed.  This is our full time passion, and has been for over 35 years.  As an owner you will be making a commitment.  Training a competitive dog takes time.  All dogs progress at a different rate, something we understand and something we will help you understand.  Lastly, your dog.  How is a dog committed?  Attitude!  Your dog must want to play the game.  All the talent in the world with a poor attitude will not produce desired results.  Through good solid training & patience, many dogs will develop an excellent training attitutde, it just takes time and commitment.  

Is your dog a successful competitor?  Or has your dog become a "filler dog"?  As much as we want our dog to be a successful competitor, some dogs may not have what it takes.  This doesn't mean they are a bad dog or a failure.  It just means they aren't going to be a competitive field trial dog or master level hunt test dog.  Most of these dogs make great hunting dogs & family companions.  When you make the decision to compete at a higher level with your dog,  your trainer should be honest with you about your dog's strengths and weaknesses.  Many trainers will have five or six top competitors.   This is where they focus their time and effort.  The rest are just "filler dogs".  They may or may not get a ribbon once or twice a year.  Where does your dog rate?  Filler dog?  Competitive dog?​  If your dog has what it takes to be a competitor, great!  If not, we will be honest with you.
Lost in the Shuffle?

Are you and your dog receiving the training you are paying for?  How many competitive dogs does your trainer accept for training?  15?  20?  25 or more?  At Rug-ged Retrievers, we accept a very limited number of competitive dogs for training.  Because we accept a limited number of dogs, we don't need nor do we have assistant trainers.  Some assistant trainers are good, some are not.  Many are giving this a try to see if they enjoy training dogs.  They are learning how to train a dog and they are learning on your dog.  Is this what you want?  By limiting the number of dogs we accept, and eliminating the need for an assistant, we can better focus on your dog.  You won't get lost in the shuffle!