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Duck Dog / Waterfowl / Duck & Goose Hunting Training
The two words all duck hunters love to hear


Is your dog ready? Our Duck Dog training program will help make your dog the hunting companion your friends wish they had, and a dog you’re proud to have in the blind!

Your dog will be exposed to decoys, blinds, calling, several different training ponds with a variety of cover, and most important; ducks, ducks and more ducks. These are the things your dog must be exposed to and trained on before his first hunting trip. At Rug-ged Retrievers, he will. 

We encourage your active participation throughout training, and we provide regular reports on your dog's progress.   

Evaluations, brush ups, problem solving etc., are available year round as well.  These training options are handled on an individual basis.

What sets us apart from other trainers & makes us the number one choice of the serious Duck Dog owner ? ​

  • ​Your dog won't get lost in the shuffle.  We take a limited number of dogs for training 

  • You get one on one training sessions with your dog

  • You receive regular progress reports and updates

  • Your dog will never be passed off to an assistant

  • Your dog gets Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks!!!
Rug-ged Retrievers Duck Dog Training
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Duck Dogs Unleashed
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"Tim:  Yesterday Jr. and I went on a 100 bird chukar hunt with Gabi and Gracie.  What a blast!  We ended up with 66 chukars and nine roosters in 5.5 hours.  The club was running a second 100 bird hunt in a different field with a guide and the guide’s dogs.  They hunted for 6.5 hours and got 50 birds.  A majority of this was due to your good work, so thank you once again.  Gracie is getting much better, but not any slower and Gabi is just a treat to hunt behind.  Hope things are good for you and that your training kennels are full.  I bet your clients don’t realize how fortunate they are!!"

Andy L.  Denver, CO
​Over 25 years of references available.
Pre-training evaluations are encouraged. Come meet us, tour our facility & we will evaluate your dog before making a decision. 
 Call today for additional information.