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Puppy Training / Puppy Raising / Puppy Head Start Program
Rug-ged Retrievers is the home of THE ORIGINAL "Puppy Head Start Program" in Colorado.  Now it seems as though everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.  Which would you rather have for your puppy, the REAL DEAL or an imitation? The LEADER or the follower?  

Getting your puppy started correctly is critical to future success in the field and at home. 

Early training creates good habits and forms a relationship with the puppy that becomes the foundation for positive adult behaviors whether it's retrieving birds, playing in the back yard, or succeeding in competition.  

Our experience both as trainers and breeders has taught us the patience and skills necessary when working with puppies. Our puppy head start program is based on respect and is specially designed for puppies under 6 months of age. 

Our puppy head start program is available year round!!!

Rug-ged Retrievers Duck Dog Training
​Early training is an ongoing series of small, gentle lessons that motivate and shape puppy behavior, including: 

  • Introduction to a kennel environment 
  • Socialization
  • Introduction to obedience commands 
  • Socialization
  • Introduction to birds and retrieving 
  • Socialization
  • Introduction to gunfire  
  • Socialization
  • Introduction to cover, water (seasonal), and the hunting environment
  • More Socialization

​Puppy training spots at Rug-ged Retrievers are very limited. 

  • Reservations and deposits are required
  • Puppy program can be combined with any other full gun dog package or obedience program
  • One month minimum required on any puppy program
  • Offered year round
Call today for additional information or to schedule your dog's evaluation 719-325-9352
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​Over 25 years of references available.
Pre-training evaluations are encouraged. Come meet us, tour our facility & we will evaluate your dog before making a decision. 
 Call today for additional information.